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Do You Offer Payment Plans For Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery?

Do You Offer Payment Plans for plastic and reconstructive surgery?

AR Plastic Surgery is pleased to extend a variety of payment options to our patients.

Payment plans

Payment plans are accepted for procedures booked at least 6 months in advance.  Periodic payments can be made to AR Plastic Surgery with a requirement that the total surgical balance is finalised 2 weeks prior to surgery.

Credit cards

We accept Visa, Mastercard both and Amex in rooms and via our  Commonwealth Bank BPOINT facility online for your convenience.  We are pleased to advise that no transaction fees are passed on to our patients when they use this facility.

Cash, Direct debit & BPAY (both DD and credit card BPAY options are available)

BPAY biller and reference codes can be found on your estimate of fees or invoice.


Applications for early access to superannuation may be considered by the ATO in cases of chronic or acute pain and/or compassionate grounds. Approval generally applies to procedures whereby there is substantial ongoing pain such as breast reconstruction, post weight loss surgery and breast reductions.  Please note that our office must receive your completed Early Release of Superannuation application, GP report and surgical deposit prior to Dr Cheng completing the application.

Medical Loans

Information about finance providers can also be found by typing in your search engine ‘medical loans’.  Some examples of medical finance providers include: TLC (Total Lifestyle Credit), MAC Credit, Medipay and similar.  *Please know that we are not affiliated with nor do we endorse any particular finance company.