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Monday, May 6

Dr Ajay Chauhan Enlightens at GenesisCare GP Dinner on Complex Skin Cancer Management

On the evening of April 16, 2024, a gathering of healthcare professionals took place at Victoria Park’s Quartz Room in Herston, Queensland. Hosted by GenesisCare, the GP Education Dinner focused on "Complex Skin Cancer: Multidisciplinary Updates Around Diagnosis, Treatment Options and Ongoing Management." This event provided a platform for specialists to share updates and insights into the evolving landscape of skin cancer treatment.

Insights from Dr. Ajay Chauhan

Dr Ajay Chauhan, a specialist plastic surgeon, led the evening with his presentation on surgical tips and complex cases in skin cancer management. His expertise in meticulous procedures specifically for complex skin cancers offered the audience a deep dive into surgical approaches that prioritise patient outcomes and aesthetic considerations.

Dermatological Perspectives by Dr Melissa Manahan

Following Dr Chauhan, Dr. Melissa Manahan, a respected dermatologist, enriched our understanding with her discussion on managing skin toxicities in oncology patients. Her talk, grounded in the latest research and global guidelines, highlighted the delicate balance between effective cancer treatment and the management of side effects, providing a comprehensive view on patient care.

Modern Radiation Therapy with Dr Art Kaminski

Dr Art Kaminski, radiation oncologist, shared his insights on modern radiation therapy and referral indications for high-risk lesions. His presentation illuminated the cutting-edge advancements in radiation therapy that are enhancing the precision and effectiveness of skin cancer treatments today.

Pathological Staging by Dr Sarah Wallace

Dr Sarah Wallace, a specialist in dermatopathology, concluded the presentations with her expert analysis on the pathological staging of melanomas. Her detailed examination of melanoma stages and the implications for treatment options provided crucial information for clinicians in tailoring patient-specific management plans.

A Multidisciplinary Educational Experience

The evening was not just about sharing knowledge but also about building a community of practice among specialists. The discussions emphasized the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the management of skin cancer, integrating surgery, dermatology, radiation therapy, and pathology to achieve the best patient outcomes.

It was also wonderful to see so many of the AR Plastic Surgery nursing and administration team learning and growing together. Attendees left the dinner equipped with enhanced knowledge and new connections, ready to apply these insights into their practices. The event underscored the commitment to fostering educational growth and collaboration among healthcare professionals to improve cancer care.



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