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Virtual or Telehealth Appointments and FAQs for Travelling Patients

Is a Virtual or Telehealth Appointment available for travelling patients?


Telehealth or virtual consultations will never replace a clinical consultation with your surgeon and our team, but we get it!  Travelling to an in-person appointment in Queensland and Australia is sometimes difficult. 

But, we have you covered,  we have been offering virtual appointments to our travelling patients for a long time so we are well-versed at taking our appointments into to the virtual world!!

How can I book a virtual appointment?

  1. Firstly talk to our patient coordinators to see if your situation is suitable for a virtual consultation.   You can direct message us via socials, send in a web chat enquiry or click on the 'request an appointment' button on our website and ask us about our virtual appointments and the procedure of interest. 
  2. Be prepared to answer some medical history questions and email photos of your key concerns prior to your scheduled online appointment with your surgeon.  We will discuss the most suitable platform options for you to experience your virtual appointment. 
  3. Your patient coordinator will check in with you via video several days prior to your online appointment to ensure you are prepared for your virtual consultation with your surgeon.   We currently use and recommend tools such as Facetime, google meet and zoom meetings. 


What is a telehealth video consultation?

A telehealth video consultation is a consultation between you, as our patient and your surgeon. Your own personalised Patient Coordinator will also be present to assist and guide you through your telehealth and surgical journey with us.  The benefit of a telehealth consultation is that it can also involve your GP and/or your nurse who may be located at different locations.

Advantages of Telehealth video consultations

Every patient’s situation is different but in general, the benefits of this service include:

  • improved access to your surgeon
  • reduced waiting time to see a surgeon
  • reduced travel time and costs
  • reduced need to take time off work or away from homeschooled children
    Added convenience for you to be at any location whilst connecting with your surgeon
  • The ability for your Partner/family to attend
How can I arrange a Telehealth consultation?

We would love to meet you via Telehealth. Depending on your requirements, you may fall into one of these two categories;

  • For skin cancer and medical and/or plastic surgery concerns, have your GP forward a referral letter to our team and we can confirm if a Telehealth consultation is suitable for you.
  • For cosmetic plastic surgery consultations, please talk to our team to discuss your ideal options for a Telehealth or virtual consultation.
Where are Telehealth consultations provided?

You can participate in a Telehealth video consultation from your own home or wherever you are at the time of the consultation providing you have access to a smartphone, desktop or laptop with audio and internet access.

Who will arrange my Telehealth consultation? 

Our treatment coordinators have been facilitating Telehealth appointments for some time now and can work with you to assist you with your Telehealth appointment. 

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Telehealth video consultations require a great deal of coordination however we do, understand that illness and life happens, and in this instance, we require 48hrs notice as outlined in our cancellation policy. We will then reschedule your consultation to a mutually suitable day or reimburse your prepaid consultation fee.  Should you need to cancel, please let us know immediately.

How should I prepare for my Telehealth consultation? 

You can help get the best from a Telehealth video consultation by following these simple steps:

  • Skin cancer patients, please forward through your referral, images of your skin lesion, biopsy and patient history form prior to your consultation where possible
  • All medical aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgery patients please prepare for your Telehealth consultation by reading the link here.  
  • Confirm the platform you would like us to connect on ie. zoom, google meet,  facetime, etc
  • Be sure to find a quiet, well lit location or room 15 mins prior to your appointment time
  • You may have another person with you at the time of your appointment however please be mindful of distancing regulations
  • Avoid wearing brightly patterned or reflective clothing as this may not show up well on camera
  • Speak clearly so your voice can be picked up by the microphone
  • If you have a question or need help during the telehealth video consultation, just ask.
What happens during the Telehealth video consultation appointment?

You and your patient coordinator will connect first via your preferred method either Zoom meetings, google meet or facetime.  Your surgeonwill soon join the meeting to confirm your clinical history, available images and relevant scans or any biopsy results. Based on the information available, Dr Cheng will discuss preliminary treatment options, risks and provide you with a preliminary treatment summary.   Keep in mind that any recommendations made during a telehealth consultation can and may change once you have been assessed and seen face to face.  

Once we are connected, our Treatment Coordinator will introduce herself and reiterate  the reason for your consultation. You will be asked some identifying questions such as your name, address, and date of birth to make sure the right patient and right health records are available. Your surgeon will then join you and discuss your requirements as he would in a  face-to-face consultation.

Who will be present?

You and your allocated Treatment Coordinator will initially discuss your medical history with you with your surgeon joining you soon thereafter.  Occasionally other health professionals such as your GP, nurse or other specialists may be involved in your consultation however this will only occur with your express consent. 

As with face-to-face appointments, your spouse, partner, family or friend may accompany you if you wish, once again being mindful of distance regulations.

What if I want to have a private discussion with my specialist?

You may ask your patient coordinator or anyone else present to step out of the Telehealth video consultation at any time should you wish to have a private discussion with your surgeon.

How private is a Telehealth video consultation?

The same privacy and confidentiality requirements that apply to face-to-face consultations apply to Telehealth video consultations.  However, we cannot guarantee total protection against hacking or tapping into the video visits by outsiders. This risk is small, but it does exist.   

What if I need to be examined?

Typically, our team will ask for images or videos of the area of concern to be emailed in prior to your Telehealth consultation.  Your surgeon may also ask your GP or other support clinicians to examine you on their behalf. You will be notified beforehand if a clinical examination is recommended as part of your Telehealth assessment. Telehealth will never replace in person clinical examinations and further clinical assessment may be required.  

What if I have special needs?

If you have special needs such as requiring an interpreter, please let our patient coordinator know when scheduling your Telehealth consultation. Your Telehealth consultation with your surgeon will be confirmed once your requirements or needs have been met and scheduled by our team.

Will the Telehealth video consultation be recorded?

No. Our practice does not record Telehealth video consultations and we do not give patients permission to make their own recordings of a Telehealth video consultation.

What if I feel I can’t continue?

Most patients feel a little nervous at the beginning of their first Telehealth video consultation because it’s a new way of seeing a Doctor or Specialist. However, most patients soon feel very comfortable with this kind of consultation. It’s very unlikely you’ll feel unable to continue with a Telehealth video consultation. If this does happen, you can request to end the consultation however consultation fees may still apply.

How much will a Telehealth consultation cost?

Skin cancer patients 

  • Each surgeon's consultation fee will vary, however, telehealth consultations are the same fee as an in person consultation 
  • Review appointments: the fees are the same as in person fees but in the case of medical it is our policy to bulk-bill medical reviews, providing you have a valid referral and the procedure is medical. 

Medical aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgery patients

  • The fee for initial Telehealth video consultations will vary depending on the surgeon, a medicare rebate may apply if the consultation is medical (see below)
  • Additional consultations or reviews will be also attract a fee and  a medicare rebate may apply if the consultation is medical. 
  • For skin cancer and medical plastic surgery patients, review appointments following your surgery may be bulk billed, providing you have a valid referral; otherwise, our normal billing process will apply.

If there are likely to be any other fees associated with the Telehealth video consultation, you will be advised prior to your consultation.

Will I receive a medicare rebate for my consultations? 
  • Cosmetic plastic surgery patients are not eligible for a medicare rebate 
  • Medical Plastic Surgery patients including skin cancer patients may receive a medicare rebate for Telehealth video consultations providing they are living at least 15km from our practice location.

How can I provide feedback?

We would love your feedback so we can continue to improve our video consultation services. We invite you to provide us with your feedback here

What if I still have questions?

If you have any questions about whether a Telehealth video consultation may be suitable for you, we encourage you to talk to our friendly team and/or check with your GP. 

If you have any questions about how Telehealth video consultations work, please phone us to discuss your requirements. Our  Telehealth patient coordinators are here to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Where can I get more general information about Telehealth video consultation?

Overview for Patients

Questions and Answers for Patients 

What if I am a Travelling patient?

Please refer to our dedicated page below.

Looking To Travel To Brisbane for Plastic Surgery?

Your surgeons see patients from all over Australia and overseas however, in person consultations and surgery will be conducted in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  With this in mind, we have developed a guide or sequence of steps for you to consider. In more complex medical situations, this option may not be suitable so please discuss your personal situation with one of our Patient Coordinators.

I Will be Travelling to Brisbane For Plastic Surgery. How Should I Plan For This?

Taking the first step can be scary, and we know how expensive travel can be, so in order to be mindful of this we suggest you make contact with one of our patient coordinators as soon as possible to discuss the procedure of interest, your ideal timeframe for this to occur and your desired goals and suitability for the procedure.

How can I prepare for my video consultation?

In order to confirm your video consultation please liaise with our treatment coordinators as they will assist with your preparation requirements.   The following information is an example of the information that will be required:

  • Baseline photos of your current concerns or key areas of concern
  • Ideal results or outcomes that you like
  • If you have had previous surgery, your before and after photos and operation records relating to your previous surgery
  • Copies of reports relating to recent imaging
  • Your complete patient detail form

The above material should be emailed to   This will allow your surgeon to prepare for and potentially provide advice prior to booking your video consultation.

Once we have received your information, your treatment coordinator will confirm your video consultation with your surgeon. 

A video consultation is an ideal way for you to get to know our practice and your surgeon without spending additional on travel at this early stage.  However, we do  do stress that this is not a replacement for a thorough clinical evaluation which will still need to be performed in the future.

Where Should I Stay If I Live Outside Of Brisbane?

Our clinic is located on the Wesley Hospital Campus, approximately 3km from the Brisbane CBD.  There are numerous accommodation options nearby

Our patients come from all over Australia and Internationally.  For your convenience, if you don’t have a car in Brisbane, our office is situated within walking distance to the Auchenflower Train Station.

The following is a list of nearby accommodations and caring options for travelling patients:

Accommodation near train stations and close to the Wesley Hospital

Essence Suites and Apartments Taringa – Medi-hotel (easy access to train line from Taringa to Auchenflower) – directly above Westside Private Hospital

The Jephson Hotel Toowong

Accommodation Within Walking Distance to The Wesley Hospital:

The Oasis Apartments

Various Lodges near The Wesley Hospital Campus

Accommodation and Recovery Care

Private In-Home Accommodation and Care

There is a range of accommodation and care options depending on whether you are travelling alone or with a friend/carer.

For a home away from hospital-style accommodation with the option of airport collection and dropoff, day surgery pick up, overnight accommodation and care as well as meals.  Speak to our Patient Coordinators for more details about this private in home-style accommodation option.

How Do I Book A Date For Surgery If I am a Travelling Patient?

 Once your surgery date is confirmed you will be advised when you will need to arrive and how long you will need to stay after your operation. You will need to bring someone with you for at least part of your stay. This can be a partner, relative or good friend. If you are unable to bring someone, then let us know early so that we can suggest or arrange alternative assistance for you.

Confirmation of a surgery date requires a non-refundable deposit.  At this time you will also need to book your pre-operative appointment ideally a minimum of 2-3 weeks days prior to your surgery date.  This will allow time to finalise your admission details and order implants if required.

It is important to discuss any medications with your surgeon particularly herbals such as fish oils and anti-inflammatory medications (such as aspirin, Nurofen, and naprogesic) well before surgery.  Your surgeon will advise what should be stopped prior to surgery, however, in general, please cease the above at least 2 weeks prior to surgery.

A word about smoking

If you are considering surgery, it is imperative that you cease smoking and any nicotine products including cannabis at least 2 months prior to surgery. For more information read our blog about smoking and plastic surgery.


Will my Private Health Insurance Cover assist with accommodation expenses?

If you have private health insurance cover, your policy may provide cover for your medical-related travel and accommodation costs. 

Accommodation benefits are designed to cover the cost of accommodation near to the place of treatment for the patient and a carer or attendant. This refers to accommodation in a hotel or motel (not hospital), and can help you afford the cost of staying overnight and accessing the medical or hospital treatment you need. While some funds will require your carer to also be a member in order to cover their accommodation costs, other funds will also cover your carer’s accommodation expenses even if they are not a member.

The exact level of cover provided varies depending on the health fund and the individual policy you choose, but limits will apply. This could be one overall limit for both travel and accommodation benefits, or separate limits for each individual benefit.

Recovery Partner and Concierge Services

Recovery partners can offer support and peace of mind knowing someone is there for you after your hospital procedure to care for you overnight. 

What does this support look like? 

Recovery partners can provide support such as: 

  • Settling you into your accommodation
  • Meals: assistance with arranging meals during your stay
  • Overnight care: supporting you through the night as you need
  • Discharge support: helping you prepare for discharge, including arranging breakfast and packing your belongings
  • Shopping: for groceries, the chemist or running an errand.

Pure You Patient Concierge

Heidi and her team at Pure You Patient Concierges, offer caring and supportive females who are knowledgeable on post-surgical recovery and can assist with the logistics of recovery.


How Long Should I Stay In Brisbane?

Below you will find a guide for suggested length of stay times in Brisbane, however, please be mindful that every individual recovery can vary:

Breast Augmentation: Stay 4-5 days.

Breast Reduction / Lifting / Reshaping / Revision / Tuberous / Asymmetry: Stay 7-10 days.

Mummy Makeover: Stay 14 days.

Abdominoplasty/body lift: Stay 2-3 weeks

Breast Reconstruction: 10-14 days

When Should I Arrive In Brisbane For Surgery

This will vary depending on the procedure, please seek advice from your surgeon and our team.

What Do I Need To Do On The Day of Surgery?

Fasting times and hospital admission times will be provided 1 day prior to your surgery. On the day of surgery, you should proceed straight to the hospital admission desk where you will be admitted.

Your Anaesthetist and your surgeon and other Hospital Nursing staff involved in your care will meet and talk to you prior to your surgery.

For day surgery procedures, you will be required to have someone collect you from recovery. It is a safety policy of all the hospitals that you must be discharged into the care of a responsible adult after an anaesthetic.

Please advise our rooms in advance if you will be alone on discharge and will require assistance. A suitable alternative will need to be arranged in advance and will incur additional costs.

What Happens After Surgery?

Many patients undergoing plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation can be discharged on the same day as the procedure. Larger operations, however, may require a longer stay in the hospital.

A postoperative visit with your surgeon and one of our specialist nurses will be scheduled prior to your departure home. During this visit, all postoperative instructions will be discussed and future appointments scheduled. All postoperative recovery tapes and dressings will also be provided to you.

Our postoperative appointment schedule is flexible and may involve a combination of video/phone appointments and physical ones throughout the year. We may also request that you email in photos of your progress for your surgeon to review.









Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Are you a candidate for surgery?

Are you a candidate for surgery?