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Wednesday, April 24

Introducing Dr Shiv Chopra Specialist Plastic Surgeon: A New Face at AR Plastic Surgery in Brisbane

At AR Plastic Surgery, we're delighted to welcome Dr Shiv Chopra MBBS FRACS (Plastic Surgery) MED 0001881428 working as an independent expert plastic surgeon alongside Dr Cheng, Dr Chauhan and Dr Alicia Heald. Dr Chopra joins us with a rich background in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery, offering his services at Ar Platic Surgery Thursdays and Fridays. With a passion that extends beyond the operating room, Dr Chopra is committed to enhancing the lives of his patients through meticulous surgical outcomes and a compassionate approach.

A Glimpse into Dr Chopra's Week

When Dr Chopra isn't consulting at AR Plastic Surgery, he's a dedicated consultant at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital in Brisbane. There, he focuses on skin cancer management, breast clinic operations, and breast reconstruction surgeries. His work significantly impacts those in need, from individuals recovering from cancer to those looking to restore functionality and aesthetics following significant medical challenges.

Passion for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Chopra’s journey into plastic surgery was inspired by the profound effects these procedures can have on enhancing a patients' quality of life. A particularly memorable aspect for him is the post-operative phase, where he witnesses the realisation of his patients’ goals, such as with life-changing breast reductions. 

Beyond the Surface: Beauty Tips and Common Misconceptions

In terms of beauty, Dr Chopra emphasises the importance of good skincare, including moisturising and sun protection. This regimen is crucial not only for aesthetic longevity but also for maintaining healthy skin pre- and post-surgery.

Dr Chopra is also eager to debunk the myth that plastic surgery solely revolves around cosmetic enhancements. He highlights that a significant part of his work involves addressing serious medical needs, such as reconstructing after trauma or cancer surgeries. This educational aspect is something he passionately advocates for, to broaden the public’s understanding of the breadth and depth of plastic surgery.

A Peek into Dr Chopra's Preferences

During a lighter part of our discussion, Dr. Chopra shared some personal preferences:

  • His favourite surgery to perform is breast reduction, appreciating the immediate impact it has on improving patients' lives.
  • He identifies as an early riser and has a sweet tooth, with a penchant for indulging in a Snickers bar after a long day— a little secret he jokingly hopes to keep from his wife!

Guidance for Prospective Patients

Dr Chopra advises anyone considering plastic surgery to thoroughly research their desired procedures and to seek consultations with specialist plastic surgeons who have a depth of training and experience. He stresses the importance of realistic expectations and a clear understanding of the surgical journey, which are critical for achieving satisfying outcomes.

Welcoming Dr Chopra

We're thrilled to have Dr Shiv Chopra as part of our AR Plastic Surgery family. His expertise and empathetic approach to patient care will undoubtedly offer excellence in plastic surgery services. For anyone interested in learning more about Dr Chopra or our services, don't hesitate to reach out via our online enquiry form here —we're here to guide you through every step of your plastic surgery journey.  You can also follow Dr Chopra via his instagram account here 


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Are you a candidate for surgery?